Electronic Stimulation Belts

One thing I used to remember when growing up is a device that Bruce Lee used to use to stimulate his muscles. I would see him use this device and see his muscles contract and relax automatically.

Twenty something odd years later I see the same device used to tighten and firm up your abdominal. They all have various names like the Flex Belt see review here, however they’re all marketed differently.

Essentially though, they’re all the same kind of contraption. They electronically stimulate the muscle to contract and relax without you even thinking about it.


Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2016

What are the top spikeless golf shoes for 2016.

There are a number of top brands that are associated with golf shoes such as Footjoy, Callaway, to name a few.

And although these brands are some of the most well known brands of golfing products, there are other brands that make equally best spikeless golf shoes at GolfGearComps.com that aren’t as well known in the golfing arena or are not typically associated with golf.

In this article we look at some of the “people’s choice” when it comes to the best spikeless golf shoes.


How To Improve Website Rankings

How to improve website ranking

Web content and site ranking.

It's been a while since I have posted a new content here. Yes, life is pretty versatile, and priorities are changing often. On the other hand, it will be a good learning experience for me, which I will share with you, how to bring to life an inactive website. Recently, I've joined a webinar on Wealthy Affiliate, How to Bring a Site Back to Life I found it very informative and inspiring. There are a lot of hints how to analyze website performance and improve its ranking. So, I thought it would be great to resurrect this site, but even more important to learn how web ranking functions. Let's see the progress!

In general, we know that content is king. To keep a good ranking for your site it is critical adding new content on a regular basis, otherwise new sites would push you down in SERP listing. But how does adding new content effects a rank shift. In other words, how fast will your site go down when you stop publishing, and how easy would it be to bring it back to its glory. That is what I am trying to discover. Unfortunately, I did not keep statistics with this site for the first part (ranking decline), but hoping to document its growth.

Comments are important part of website content.

Other important element contributing to site rank is site comments. Relevant comments can supply a constant flow of fresh content to a website. Google and other search engines like when visitors engage in discussions and coming back to the site. This is a sign that your website provides a value to web surfers. And this is exactly what search engines are looking for.

Here is a Google Analytics snapshot of sessions versus users for a period from October 8 to November 7, 2015. I will try to add similar updated screenshots every weekend.

And here is Google webmasters search analysis:

That is the situation on today, November 8, 2015. My goal is to post two articles per week, and track the changes to the site performance. So, let's the journey begin! More reviews from Stealth Secrets

Part two (two weeks later)

Here we are, two weeks into the site rank improvement experiment. Originally, I planed posting two articles per week, but it did not work this way. This is the first new addition to the site content.

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Here are screenshot from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This time I have set the period for two weeks. The previous screenshots reflect one month period ending November 7, 2015. The latest snapshots show what happened after November 7th until November 21, 2015.

Here is a graph of sessions and users from Google Analytics:

It shows some increased activity at the end of the two weeks period already, which is encouraging. So far It was very little effort put into this experiment. Let see if there are any significant changes to impressions and average position according to the Google Webmaster Tools:

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Those two graphs suggest that both metrics are improving, as well. It seems like everything started moving in a right direction. I really need to improve my posting frequency, though.

Content quality and frequency of update.

Quality of web content, followed by frequency and consistency are important determining criteria of website rank. Quality of a web content is most important of them all, and it could outperform quantity. More posts does not mean better ranking. Search engines are intelligent enough to recognize value in a web content, and rank pages accordingly.

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But there is another contributor to SEO, which is how consistent publishing is . People use tools and strategies to publish new content on same day of the week, for example. Google, Bing and Yahoo like to see systematic content update. It is much better to publish every week on the same day, instead of randomly shifting from one day to another. That is why there is a Publish on option in WordPress editor.

Saving a draft of a post or page is another way to keep posting schedule. If there was a productivity burst, it make sense to keep some new posts or pages in Drafts, and hit the Publish button on the right day see more at Stealth Secrets.

As for this experiment, I am exited to see website analysis next week.

Please, leave your comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Golfing can good for anyone with the right gear

Get the right golf shoes

Owning a good pair of golfing shoes can help your performance, whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re an advanced golfer. The right pair of golfing shoes will help you to plant your feet in the dirt thereby allowing you to get maximum twist when you strike the golf ball.

As well as helping you to get a good sturdy footing, if you can get a more modern pair of golfing shoes, then you will be comfortable for the entire day. Anyone, who plays a round of golf can be on the golf course the whole, depending on how many round you have.

So it will definitely pay off big time if you invest in a good pair of golf shoes, especially spikeless golf shoes.

Golf carry bags worth their weight

Of course if you are walking around the course then you will obviously need to get a good carry bag. You can see some of the best carry bags reviews here. Some people carry their golf clubs on a golfing cart, while other pick them up and carry them around with them.

It’s important to know that your carry bag has a lot of support, so that the straps are not digging into your shoulders.

Finding your way on foreign courses

Depending on where you are in the world, it can sometimes be a hassle if you don’t have a clue what to expect from a golf course. So a little “heads up” on the golf course can help you to plan out your assault on the course strategically, especially if you’re competing.

Obviously, if you competing in a pro tournament, then you should play on the course before the tournament takes place, if you can, so as to get a feel for the contours on the course.

If you’re playing for fun then it doesn’t really matter unless you’re competitive of course, which means that a little device like a Golfing watch GPS can pay big dividends.

Most of these watches use technology that beams in golf course stats that could help you make the right judgement calls with the selection of golf clubs etc. They have built in GPS courses from all over the world, which means that you would have all the information you need right there on your wrist.