Electronic Stimulation Belts

One thing I used to remember when growing up is a device that Bruce Lee used to use to stimulate his muscles. I would see him use this device and see his muscles contract and relax automatically.

Twenty something odd years later I see the same device used to tighten and firm up your abdominal. They all have various names like the Flex Belt see review here, however they’re all marketed differently.

Essentially though, they’re all the same kind of contraption. They electronically stimulate the muscle to contract and relax without you even thinking about it.


Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2016

What are the top spikeless golf shoes for 2016.

There are a number of top brands that are associated with golf shoes such as Footjoy, Callaway, to name a few.

And although these brands are some of the most well known brands of golfing products, there are other brands that make equally best spikeless golf shoes at GolfGearComps.com that aren’t as well known in the golfing arena or are not typically associated with golf.

In this article we look at some of the “people’s choice” when it comes to the best spikeless golf shoes.